Remote Support Connection

A remote connection between a Nexus Support Coordinator and you’re your CEMView DAS Computer is the fastest and most economical means for supporting your DAS installation.  The convenience of a remote connection is not without risk as any plant computer connected to the internet poses some degree of risk.  The remote connection by a Nexus Support Coordinator to your DAS Computer can take any number of forms depending upon the security procedures in place at your facility.  Nexus supports many types of connections including:

Nexus Default: A commercial product from the company ConnectWise called ScreenConnect:

  • The ScreenConnect server is hosted in our data centre on our premises. The ScreenConnect clients that we use on customer’s systems are making connections to our server only, the connection is AES256 encrypted and only established when remote support is needed. The ScreenConnect client can be single-use or it can be installed for unattended access (with the customer’s permission). Security features and their detailed description of the ScreenConnect are available at
  • The location of our server is: and ScreenConnect client connection port is 444/TCP

Site specific VPN: Company provides Nexus credentials for VPN connection.  Remote control by means of RDP, VNC, etc. to specific IP or machine name.

Custom based on Customer Security Procedures.

We use a pool of isolated virtual gateway machines to connect to customers’ systems. Gateway machines are isolated from our internal office LANs. They are routinely checked and audited. Those gateway machines are behind a common firewall and IDS/IPS system. Each gateway additionally has Endpoint Security software installed and updated on a regular basis.