What is CEMCoRe?

CEMCoRe is an enterprise class application for corporate reporting of regulatory compliance emissions information. CEMCoRe provides the basis for consolidating emissions data from multiple sources and simplifies the management of the emissions data into a plant, corporate, regional or national view for analysis and reporting.

Seamlessly Collate Data

CEMCoRe facilitates the ability to collate and consolidate data from multiple emissions sources into a comprehensive corporate view of the regulatory compliance emissions information.  With CEMCoRe’s powerful calculation capability, source emissions from several CEMView data acquisition systems can be combined into a single plant, site or corporate view of the emissions data.

Enhance Understanding

CEMCoRe’s powerful charting and reporting tools facilitate effortless comparison or combination of the data with pre-configured or ad-hoc queries of the emissions data. With CEMCoRe, an Environmental Manager can quickly visualize the discrete or combined emissions data from several sources at one facility or from multiple sources at multiple facilities. This can significantly simplify or enhance one’s understanding of the process that contributes to differences in the generation of the pollutants being monitored.

Reduce Emissions

CEMCoRe was originally developed to meet the corporate compliance reporting needs of a large power utility in North America.  CEMView and CEMCoRe are instrumental in the monitoring and prediction of the emissions data. Comparison of current emissions, predictive emissions and historical emissions data is automatically done by CEMCoRe on a daily basis. Any significant deviation from the norm is detected and alarmed. This reduces the workload required to monitor the emissions and at the same time contributes to reduction of excess emissions by enhancing the forward visibility and confidence that the underlying process is operating at optimum levels.

Increase Profitability

With emissions trading an emerging reality, CEMCoRe’s unparalleled capability will contribute to greater profitability through effortless consolidation and analysis of the corporate emissions data.