Enhanced Data Archiving

A standard feature in all versions of CEMView is the ability to schedule an automatic archiving of the acquired CEM data in the database, the system event and activity logs, and the system and user configuration files.
The default main database of the CEMView DAHS is Microsoft’s SQL Server. The archived database data file format is Microsoft® Access data files and the system and user configuration files are compressed using the zip file format.

The basic data archiving activity of CEMView generates the backup files onto a local hard drive. Archiving to a remote or external removable backup media is not allowed. This restriction is enforced to decrease the likelihood that the backup media becomes unavailable as a result of network problems or being accidentally unplugged during the archiving activity. Archiving to a local attached media also ensures that the archiving activity is done efficiently and securely, without affecting the normal operation of CEMView. After the archive activity is complete, the backup files on the local hard drive can be manually copied to a shared network drive location or onto removable backup media.

The Enhanced Data Archiving feature is a useful addition to the basic CEMView system to further automate the data archiving process. With this option, it is possible to schedule one or multiple backup tasks to copy the locally saved archive files to one or multiple network or external removable backup media locations. Also, the Enhanced Data Archiving application is fully integrated into the CEMView application architecture so that in the event of a failure to successfully copy the backup files to the specified destination due to network problems, etc., automatic retries are scheduled and alarms can be generated. The Enhanced Data Archiving Option ensures that you have a backup of your data and system configuration files in multiple locations at a specified interval.

You can be confident that your CEMView DAHS is being properly backed up to multiple locations with the Enhanced Data Archiving feature. Enhanced Data Archiving within CEMView alleviates the need for busy plant personnel remember to do periodic backups. The Enhanced Data Archiving feature ensures your system is properly protected against catastrophic hardware failure, vandalism and operator error. The Enhanced Data Archiving comes standard with CEMView-PE and is optional on CEMView-SE.