Nexus ModbusLink

Modbus-to-OPC Converter

The ModbusLink is a Modbus slave application designed to be a link between OPC servers and devices that implement the Modbus master protocol. The ModbusLink is a virtual PLC Modbus slave device that can connect to a multiple number of OPC sources to retrieve data. Acquired data is stored in the Modbus address space of the ModbusLink virtual slave device to be retrieved by any Modbus master device. The OPC Modbus Slave Link application implements the Modbus RTU and ASCII slave protocols for serial ports and Modbus over TCP/IP for Ethernet ports.

The CEMView Data Acquisition System can use the ModbusLink application to provide Modbus slave functionality to reveal all the data to any Modbus master device.

CEMView Modbus Gateway (MG) hardware version of the ModbusLink is also available.  The CEMView Modbus Gateway (MG) is designed to provide real-time data conversion from any Modbus enabled device to OPC interface.

This product is a Modbus gateway product suitable for linking multiple Modbus Master or Modbus Slave devices such as a Process Control DCS or a PLC to an OPC compliant Client Server gateway middle-ware application. The CEMView Modbus Gateway (MG) in turn then acts as an OPC Server or an OPC Client or both simultaneously to provide seamless connectivity to any OPC enabled higher level application.

The Nexus Modbus Gateway is capable of connecting as an OPC Client to multiple OPC Server applications to acquire data. The data to or from the connected OPC Servers is mapped to a Modbus register map file and thus bidirectionally connected to any Modbus Master (or Slave) PLC or DCS device. The Nexus Modbus Gateway is also OPC Server capable, hence any OPC Client application can interface with the connected Modbus Master device.