CEMView Server

CEMView Server is the core of the CEMView Data Acquisition and Reporting System (DARS) and the OPC specifications is a cornerstone of the CEMView Server application.  Built with the powerful Nexus Calculation Processor technology, the integral OPC Server and OPC Client interfaces provide unparalleled connectivity and flexibility.

CEMView Server’s OPC Client connectivity allows for direct communication to the analysis instrument(s).  This is pivotal to the ability for CEMView to be interfaced to practically any analysis instrument and to acquire instrument diagnostic information directly from the analysis instrument.

CEMView Server’s OPC Server functionality facilitates unsurpassed enterprise connectivity for emissions data from the CEMView systems to plant and corporate information systems and networks.  The CEMView Client and CEMView Remote Client take advantage of this technology to operate seamlessly as a local or remote application.

In addition to the OPC Client and Server technologies for open interconnectivity, CEMView Server consists of a number of software components and technologies.  These include Universal Data Access technologies for database tasks and Microsoft Scripting Technologies for unlimited enhancement possibilities.

The CEMView Server application control implementation layer hosts the various technologies responsible for:

  • Acquisition of data from and control of the analysis instruments using its OPC Client interfaces.
  • Computation of all required variables and parameters including qualifying of the regulatory averages to meet the regulatory compliance requirements for the application.
  • Database management and control of the Microsoft® SQL Server database.
  • CEMView OLE-DB provider database technology interfaces.
  • OPC Data Access and Alarm & Events Client and Server specification interfaces.
  • Microsoft Scripting Technologies VB Script and JScript.

The standard CEMView Server application can be further enhanced to meet various application specific scenarios using Plug-in modules. The resulting enhancements include Redundant CEMView systems, CEMView Data Mirror Server for remote reporting systems, CEMView PE with Data Buffer for applications requiring a separate standalone data logger, systems enhanced to meet Electronic Data Reporting requirements for many different jurisdictions and CEM systems with special Compliance Reports and Regulatory Compliance requirements.