Nexus Calculation Processor

The Nexus Calculation Processor (NCP) application contains the powerful calculation engine at the core of all of our products.

The Nexus Calculation Processor implements the OPC Data Access and Alarms and Events Client and Server specifications.  It is both an OPC Server and an OPC Client application.  The NCP a powerful soft-logic controller and its OPC Client interface is capable of connecting to any number of OPC Servers to acquire data.  Its powerful OPC Tag formula based calculation engine allows the creation of OPC tags where complex calculation and control formulas can be defined.  The NCP application is ideally suited to data concentration type middle-ware applications that require OPC connectivity to multiple OPC Servers where the powerful calculation engine of the NCP can be applied to computation and data reduction intensive tasks.  The results of all calculations are available and exposed through the OPC Server DA and A&E interfaces to any OPC Client application for open connectivity solutions.

As a stand-alone product, the NCP can be deployed in many process control application areas.

The Nexus Calculation Processor technology is at the core of the Nexus Solutions Boolean Server being deployed with Activplant’s Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solutions, for worldwide end-use, by a major automotive manufacturer.  It is also available with our Modbus and Advantys OPC Server products.

The Nexus Calculation Processor technology is available for licensing to OEMs.

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