Annual Software Warranty Package*

A valid Annual Software Warranty Contract is essential to ensuring that your CEMView application software is always up-to-date with the latest features and that your support questions are promptly answered.
With a Software Warranty Contract, our expert technicians will conduct two (2) detailed Maintenance Inspections per contract period to verify that your CEMView application and computer are running at peak performance.

(*Formerly known as Software Assurance Contract)

A valid annual Software Warranty Contract ensures that your application software is always up-to-date with the latest features and that your support questions are promptly answered.

In many cases, if you cannot find the answers using the integrated ‘help’ features in our applications, your question can be quickly and easily answered.  Using the industry’s leading remote support security architecture and technology, we are able to remotely diagnose and correct on-line, practically all non-hardware related issues that you may encounter.  We provide support options to update and upgrade the applications as your regulatory requirements or needs evolve. We are ready and able to support our products and we provide comprehensive coverage support plans tailored to your specific needs.

Please contact us for additional details on a support plan that is appropriate for your specific site. We would be pleased to provide you with a quotation designed to meet your support requirements.

How about deployment warranty? The CEMView software warranty period is for 12 months from the application’s first run or 18 months from factory dispatch whichever is sooner. Any official update or fix released by Nexus in the 12 month period following the original shipment date will be made available to the Buyer at no charge.

The Software Warranty Contract consists of two parts, both are essential and required:

1. Software Warranty

  • 24/7/365 Support

    Technical Support hours are valid for use 24/7/365; Nexus will respond within 4 hours of any telephone request for support; support hours are deducted after each support incident.

  • Two Semi-Annual Maintenance Inspections

    Semi-Annual Maintenance Inspections are performed via remote dial-in, internet, VPN or Nexus Support Desk access at a mutually agreed upon time.
    Inspected items:
    • Review and analyze the Windows Event Log
    • Review and analyze the main SQL Server database, perform database maintenance and report size constraints
    • Review and analyze the SQL Server logs
    • Review and analyze the CEMView Event Logs
    • Review and analyze the previous 7 days of calibrations and report any anomalies
    • Review and analyze the CEMView Trace Console logs and report any anomalies
    A detailed report summarizing the conclusions and results of the inspected items will be provided. It will include an evaluation of the overall performance of the computer and CEMView application and, if applicable, suggest ways to optimize total system performance.

  • Two Semi-Annual Software Updates

    Nexus will often make changes to the CEMView product based on our customers’ feedback. Product updates within your version helps to ensure that you have the latest functionality and improvements available on your system.
    • Updates are typically performed during the Semi-Annual Maintenance Inspection process
    • Software updates and enhanced features are described in the Semi-Annual Inspection report

  • Nexus Support Desk

    Nexus Support Desk allows a means to access your system with your permission over a high speed internet connection through most firewalls.
    • Allows for faster response to a support incident
    • Security is maintained as access to the machine must be granted by the user

2. Labor

  • Pre-paid Support Hours

    Labor portion of the Software Warranty Contract is used to complete support requests, add/change CEMView configuration parameters etc. Having support hours on the balance enables our support team to proceed with support right away, without any delays. The labor balance can be topped up at any time during Software Warranty support contract period.
    Blocks of 10 and 25 hours are available to purchase.
    What is most important, that all unused hours will automatically rollover and be available next support year based on renewal of CEMView Software Warranty Contract portion. Labor portion cannot be used without active Software Warranty Contract part.

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